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A Completely Different Dog!

Before, our golden-doodle would pull me around the neighborhood, refuse to come inside when let out into the backyard, and just wouldn’t listen to any command. After chasing our dog around the backyard with sticks and rakes trying to get him to come inside we had decided enough was enough! Within a month of training with Amanda and David, our doodle was a completely different dog. He came inside when called, and now heels off leash like an angel. I am so grateful to have found them.

Meagan Testimonial

Meagan N.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Amazed and So Happy!

Best money spent. EVER. I did the 2 week board and train for my dog. He has been home for 3 weeks now. To be honest, OLK9 does an AMAZING job at initial training for your dog and for you. That said, you have to stay with it and keep the consistency when your dog gets home. It is a commitment. For me, it has been 30 minutes every morning and every night. Longer, if you have the time. After 3 weeks, my dog has incredible doorway manners. He also heels off leash. I do keep him on leash when I know we will be in situations where other, unknown dogs, will be around. My dog no longer charges strangers on my street or at my door. He does not bark at the mailman or fed ex delivery driver anymore. I can put him in place with ease now. Today was the best day, though. My dog, today, finally followed a silent hand gesture command without a voice command to follow it! Wow! I am just amazed and so happy.

Kimberly Review

Kimberly L.  //  Verified Google Review

Dog Training at its Finest!

Professional Dog Training at its Finest! We brought our two pups, Taxi (White Shepherd) and Summer (Siberian Husky), in because we needed help honing their command obedience. Justin and David did a phenomenal job teaching us how to better manage our relationship with our pets as well as taught us what exercises each animal needed in order to fine tune their skills. Each pet was vastly different, and they needed different approaches. We began seeing results immediately and the training program really helped us further improve the bond we have with our pets. Taxi and Summer are great dogs now and are an irreplaceable part of our pack.

Charles Review

Charles W.  //  Verified Google Review

So Well Behaved!

After researching just about every option in Houston, I took my 6 month old golden retriever puppy for her first lesson and ended up signing her up for the 2 week board and train with Tahra. Hands down best decision (and investment) I've ever done! My dog came back so well behaved I could hardly believe it. Tahra was absolutely wonderful with Charlie and it still amazes me how far she's come! She's still going to have puppy tendencies and hyper energy, but now I'm confident to bring her in public with me! We can walk around with no leash on and I know she is going to heel by my side. If you asked me that 2 months ago, I would have told you you were crazy! I can't say enough positive things about Tahra and OLK9. When I go out of town, Tahra takes care of her and reinforces her commands and it's a win win for both of us. Once Charlie gets older, I can't wait to continue her training into the advanced lessons!!

Sarah Review

Sarah Y.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Forever changed my life!

I cannot tell people enough how much I love Justin and Amanda. I have two Great Danes who were out of control when we met them. They were so patient with me (which was most of the problem) and my two babies. My male had dog aggression and Justin was able to pin exactly what the problem was. I am happy to say that after just our first four basic classes we are able to be around dogs and I am able to control them. Thank you so much Justin and Amanda, you have forever changed mine, TJ, Willis, and Willows life. I would highly recommend anyone to bring their dogs to them!!

Kristal's Review

Kristal J.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Awesome Experience!

Had an awesome experience with Tahra training River, our 8 month male B&T Coonhound! Before working with Tahra, we had a tough time getting him to sit or lay down for any real amount of time, walk with us rather than pull us, and the other typical large and energetic puppy problems. We are very pleased with how well he minds and behaves now, especially around young children and other dogs!

Brian's Review

Brian S //  Verified Google Review

They Go Above & Beyond!

They go above and beyond for the life of your pet. Amanda and her team have completely changed our life. I cannot say enough AMAZING things! They took a 140lb Newfoundland with no manners and gave us a sweet well-mannered boy and the tools to keep it up all without changing his personality!

Kyla Testimonial

Kyla M.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Enjoying The Freedom!

We had a great experience with OLK9 Houston. Tahra did a great job training our dog and training us on how to work with her. We love being able to take her more places with us and enjoying the freedom that off leash training offers us! You can't go wrong with these folks, especially Tahra!

Jessica's Testimonial

Jessica H.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Highly Recommended!

Working with David and the Off Leash K9 team made such a difference with Zoey’s training! Before we started training with them, we could barely go for a walk because of her reactivity to strangers/other dogs and leash pulling. However, after a few weeks of training we were able to take her to Lowe’s without any issues. We accomplished more in the weeks spent with Off Leash than we did on our own for the last year since we adopted her. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in a long-term solution!

Marie Review

Marie N.  //  Verified Google Review

Absolutely Amazing!

They are absolutely amazing! We have tried 4 others for our dogs, and this is the only thing that has worked. Would definitely recommend them to everyone!

Erin Review

Erin F.  //  Verified Google Review

Life-Changing Experience!

Wish I had found Off Leash K9 Houston earlier for my Goldendoodle, Luna. 

We had done puppy training at Petco, Petsmart, sweet voice, treat training , MeadowLakes assessment...but our 9-month old Golden-doodle was hard to control on walks, and basic commands seemed to fade away. Then I stumbled upon Justin with Off Leash K9 and it was a life-changing experience . Now my 1 yr old GD has impeccable obedience, with not only in house commands, but outdoors sounds. She heels off-leash outdoors too, with major distractions . My 9 and 12 year-old kids can walk her confidently without worrying about leash reactivity, pulling on walks, or running away. We can enjoy our puppy so much more thanks to Justin and Amanda’s training . 

Recommend 10-stars to Justin, Amanda and their entire troop of trainers. They are passionate about dogs and their work and will love your pet and work with you and your pup to get the most well mannered canine companion .

Rupali's Review

Rupali J-K.  //  Verified Facebook Review

You Have Made My Life Easier!

I can not thank you enough for helping me with Brody! I am a single mother of 4 kiddos and as much as we loved Brody, he was very difficult. I’ve had him back for two days and I can not believe the change in him. You have not only made my life easier but he can now go more places with me which is all I wanted. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Trisha's Review

Trisha S.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Results are Incredible!

I can't say enough good things about this two week program. The results they're able to achieve in such a short period of time is incredible! Prior to taking my 1 year old lab I was always nervous to have him off of the leash outside because I knew if he got distracted by other people/dogs there was no turning him around and getting him to come back to me without chasing him down. Since putting him through this program I have never walked him with a leash since as he obeys all commands flawlessly (heel, come, sit, stay, etc.). Amanda was great throughout the entire process, sending me daily updates and videos showing his progress. By far the best money I've ever spent!!!

Terry's Review

Terry T //  Verified Google Review

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